Google Penalty Recovery Services – Yes, we can recover your website from manual process

Most common Google penalties

In a simple term, Google Penalty is a website restriction that prevents any website to gain high online ranking by means of cracking down the spammers to improve the user experience. The website might drop from the ranking if it violates the Google’s webmaster guidelines. In such cases Google employs manual penalties and algorithmic updates in order to target and demote these manipulative sites.

We have worked for many such clients whose website’s were once penalized by Google and have helped them to recover from the penalty successfully. It is possible to compete without putting yourself at risk in the future. Basically, there are two types of Google’s algorithm penalties and are as follows:

Panda: Google Panda is often structured to filter thin and low quality content and don’t allow duplicate and poor quality content, pages thin on content, keywords stuffing and bolding, etc. Many websites with a huge amount of advertising ranks low in the search and that is what Panda looks for.

Penguin: It is often page specific and keyword specific penalty by Google and detects un-natural links towards the website. This type of penalty detects the bad links which can be site-wide links, low-value directory links, paid links, links on irrelevant or low-quality sites etc.

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Let’s recover your Ranking

IRIS Web Technologies have helped many businesses to recover their ranking in Google and there are no ticks or secrets involved. We help you get back into compliance and rebuild your rankings. You may have hit by a Google penalty if,

  • There is a sudden drop in traffic.
  • Google notified you regarding a manual penalty.
  • Your site is not appearing in Google search.
  • You have received a warning from Google regarding unnatural linking.
recover your Ranking

How our SEO expert help you to recover from these penalties

We want to make sure because there is some other factor responsible for drop in ranking other than penalties, so our SEO expert will analyze your site properly to find whether you’re under penalty or not. If you are under penalty, we’ll find under which penalty you are in and then will take the suitable actions.

If you are under penguin, then we’ll

  • Review your entire link profile.
  • Request removal of the bad links, on your behalf.
  • Search for other spam resources.
  • Ask google to reconsider the website.
  • Submit a disavow file if required.

If you are under Panda, then we’ll

  • Check for site wide issues.
  • Remove or re-write low-quality content pages.
  • Check the keywords stuffing.
  • Compare content with competitors.

Why choose us for Google Penalty Recovery

  • Detailed analysis of the website.
  • Rate of low quality link removal is highest in the industry.
  • Our work is 100% manual.
  • Affordable and top class Google Penalty Recovery services.

That’s how do we do it at IRIS Web Technology. If you think your website may have penalized by Google, call us and one of our SEO experts will be there for you to discuss the matter.