Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

IRIS Web Technologies ensures to protect its client’s identity at every level. It keeps all the information completely sealed and highly confidential. The relevant policy usually tends to explain what all information is gathered or browsed for you. What are the important instruction given by the client towards the sharing of the profile picture, content, data or other relevant information that may hinder the safe and secured working of the business.

The relevant information we receive and how we put that information effectively

Whenever you contact us either online, personally, through telephonic interaction, messaging or via letter draft to provide confidential information to a personal profile, it is always kept in mind the particular information shared at your end will be used only for your benefitted services, and not otherwise. We refrain from sending unwanted mailers or information till you give us approval or consent for the same. Moreover, we keep in mind to have every detail or information confidential and private till the time you allow us to share it with the third party.

Besides this, when you share any kind of personal information with us, we make it a point to use it on a collective basis through in-depth monitoring of facts and developments. This would help us to keep the undue errors to the minimal that simultaneously enhances the overall reputation of the website. This helps in maintaining the high end security to the correct usage of information, and that too in limits.


Cookies are being referred to as the minute details about running the effective website through the proper usage and working on the web server and a web browser. The Iris Webtech makes use of the cookies to have a perfect mechanism towards the proper functioning of web browsing that would in turn results in monitoring the web traffic. These cookies, restrict the circulation of any kind of personal or sensitive details about the users over the internet.

Best Way to protect information leakage

We are very much aware about the fact that the internet somehow does not considered as the safest and secured medium for information sharing. To overcome such deliberate issues of undue leaking of information, we intend to follow the high-end security procedures that acts as a secured barriers for different browsing zones for the internet users.

We keep into consideration to follow confidential and secured means to web sharing and information delivery.

How to contact IRIS Web Technologies

We would be glad to receive your high-end support and valuable views towards the website usage. We would also like to hear from you about our privacy policy. You are open to contact us any hour of the day to share your valuable suggestions, comments or queries at: