How We Recover Your Website from Google Penalty?

December 28th, 2015 | SEO

As we all know that for most of the online businesses, search engine’s traffic is very much crucial. But in the recent few months many websites had being penalized for violating Google’s guidelines. Don’t drop your URL or brand, let’s help you to recover your website from manual penalty.

We Diagnose Your Website Properly
We know that for traffic and ranking drop there can be mainly two penalties. The first one is manual action from Google’s spam team and the second is algorithm penalty which can either be Panda or Penguins. We’ll audit all your back links.


Manual Action:
We simply check for any notification from manual action team in Google Search Console for any warning messages and If you have no message on GWT, we dig deeper to know the cause of traffic drop.

Algorithmic Penalty:
As we all know the most important algorithms associated with Google are Panda which is focused on content quality and the second one is Penguins which is focused on bad backlinks and anchor text distribution. So using some certain methods we find that what kind of algorithm penalty your website has?

What we do when Penguine Attack?
We audit all the back links and analysis for bad links point to your website. These bad links can be:

  • Site-wide links.
  • Low-value directory links.
  • Paid links.
  • Links on irrelevant or low-quality sites.
  • Broken Links.

Our SEO experts audit all bad links of your website by digging deeper and carry out the checks for each unnatural link. As we know that it is important from Google prospective to prove that you have tried to remove the harmful links, we do the same. But if it doesn’t work we move towards Google disavow tool where we simply upload a plain text file of the domains and URLs which you want disavowed and then we wait for Google to review it and update the links.

What we do when Panda Attack?
To check for Panda we access content across your site for following things:

  • Duplicate and poor quality content.
  • Pages thin on content.
  • Keywords stuffing and bolding.
  • Compare content with competitors.

We check your website for all the errors mentioned above and then make your website’s content unique, purposeful and well constructed from user and search engine prospective. All the process is manual.

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