The Google Adwords changes that were announced on 24th May, 2016 at Google Performance Summit

May 26th, 2016 | Google Adwords

24th May, 2016 was the day of Google Performance Summit and if you are not aware about the Google Performance Summit, then let’s give a brief introduction about what it is? It is Google’s annual event for key AdWords, where new product plans, features, research and more are shared. As we expected that we might see bit changes in the Google Adword in the near future, rightly was the case so. The changes which we’ll have in the near future are as below:

Google to break desktop & tablet bid and will enable a mobile base bid
As over half of the trillion searches on Google were through mobile devices so Google will soon enable device-level bidding in AdWords. Those advertisers who don’t want to be limited upto desktop level bidding will now be able to set separate bid adjustments for each device type which can be a tablet, desktop, mobile, etc. Advertisers will set a base bid and then they will be adjusting their bid in all the devices in the range -100 percent to +900 percent.

There will be the expanded text Ads for tablet, mobile and desktop
As we all know that earlier this year, Google removed right-hand side ads on desktop to improve the search experience and as per yesterday summit, soon we will see the expanded text Ads for tablet, mobile and desktop. Below are the few changes that we will see in the text size:

Google to bring promoted pins in Google Maps
The company will be introducing the “promoted pins” or “promoted locations” on Google Maps and will be calling it more “branded and customized experience” for marketers to Google Maps. Users will see branded pins along their route or nearby. As per summit, they are testing and experimenting with formats, so we’ll be likely to see an evolution of this over time. Businesses will be able to include a range of content types, as appropriate to their category.