How To Make Your App Content Searchable by Google

January 22nd, 2016 | SEO

In the Modern World where the craze amongst the people for mobile apps has become more pervasive, users are getting the important information from not only the websites but from the apps as well. If you consider the example of India or the rest of the World you will find that students have many educational apps and similarly for home accessories. We do have eCommerce apps like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm and many more.

So it will be more effective when Google crawls your app content and present someone to your Android app when content correspond to a page that you own. Users on mobile devices can then click on a link to open your app from their search results. It will allow them to directly view your app’s content and can download it. To do so the app owner need to provide Google with information about the relationship between your website and app.

Following steps are included in the process:-

  • By adding intent filter in your app manifest, you need to enable deep linking to specific content in your app.
  • Annotate these links in the associated web pages on your web site or in a Sitemap file.
  • Opt in to allow Googlebots to crawl through your APK in the Google Play store. By default you are automatically opted-in.